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    Share Your Impact Parenting Story > My Story - Liann my Life Changer

    Where do I start? I'm a mother of two boys who are now 7 and 4 years old and the loves of my life. They are great kids and like to keep me on my toes. In early 2010 I was referred to Liann & Impact Parenting in when I was in a place of feeling so incredibly overwhelmed and sad with the discipline part of raising my boys. I knew I loved them more than anything, but I was falling short and giving them structure, consistent discipline and at times, controlling my own emotions with them. I was yelling and even spanked my oldest son on a few occasions. I try to only look forward but when I look back, it makes me sad that I was in a place like that. It was ripping me up inside because that wasn't the mother I wanted to be. I knew inside me was a much more peaceful, in control mom waiting for the right tools. So, in a desperate place - I found Liann. I emailed her in the middle of the night and by mid-day she had called me and we had our first connection which lead to many more. I began working with Liann learning Love & Logic almost immediately. Every week for almost 3 months, I drove to her office and met one on one with her for 1.5 hours. She taught me Love and Logic tools - EMPATHY (my fav), choices, enforceable statements, removing myself and what means life, make your words gold not garbage and so many other life changing skills. Almost immediately things began to shift in our home. At first my boys tried to push the boundaries, but soon they realized that they couldn't be pushed and that I was setting loving limits. After weeks of using my tools, I was no longer yelling at my children and instead using "bummers" to help us both cool off. They were respecting me more and we could spend more time loving each other and having fun. It was all LIFE CHANGING for us and I don't say that lightly. Meeting and working with Liann has changed the mother I am today all for the better. I always loved my children abundantly... the moment they were born, it was instant. I was the mom that wanted them to be happy at every moment, but looking back - I was doing them a disservice by lacking boundaries and discipline. Now, today - we have a much better relationship. My boys know we practice Love and Logic and they actually say "I have the best mom because she's a love and logic mama". Really, my oldest son says that regularly to new friends he meets. I've since had Liann hold a workshop and teach some of my fellow mom friends L&L also. I was surprised to learn that only 1% of families use a parent coach! We all need support. Being a great parent is tough work and we need coaching and shouldn’t be ashamed, but rather proud that we take the job of parenting so seriously. It’s not different that needing training in our careers, yet far more important. I also keep in touch with Liann when I'm stumped with a problem we might be having. When I need a helping hand or to be pointed in the right direction, Liann is open to help. As a matter of fact, she is always there to help and I honestly do not know what I would have done and continue to do without her guidance and support. She's one in a million and she's great at what she does. What prompted me to write this today was after spending some time with her today with my son practicing our PRIDE skills, as we drove home my son said "I really like our parent coach mama". I tear’d up knowing that I am doing the right thing for us. I must add that Liann has done this for me on a very generous sliding scale as I'm a single parent and otherwise couldn't afford these services. I am so thankful for the generous donations she receives from the community to allow her to help parent like myself who really aspire to be exceptional parents and raise great, responsible, respectful kids. Liann is really one in a million and if you are a parenting feeling overwhelmed or uncertain that you are doing things right – Liann can help you get to a place of peace. I've been so inspired by her that one day I hope to be a parent coach myself.
    December 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNicole Benson