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    My husband and I decided to take a Love and Logic course offered by Liann through a local mom's group that I was a part of. Not knowing much about it we both were hesitant to take the course but knew we needed help with our parenting structure. Even after reading all sorts of parenting books we couldn't agree on anything other than the love we shared for our son. We had a difficult birth and my son had many health problems the first year of his life. Because of this I felt sorry for him and tended to be a little more lax in my discipining where my huband was what I considered very strict, especially for a toddler. Prior to having a child we felt we had a very strong idea of how we would go about parenting but none of that applied to a child who was always crying and in pain. Our son is incredibly strong willed and by the time he turned 2 he was a handful to say the least. Most of the time I was frazzled by the time my husband got home because I couldn't make my son behave. And after venting about how naughty our son was, any time my husband would try and do anything about it we would argue because I felt like he was going about it all wrong. Even after endless hours of midnight discussions about how we would compromise in our parneting we would still argue about it daily when it went into action. So again, we knew we absolutely needed some sort of parenting help or our family was going to suffer because of it. After we took our first class together things started to click between us. We still didn't have it figured out but we were at least starting to be on the same page. My husband recorded every class on his iphone and would listen to it throughout the next week. In the evenings we would talk about the things we each learned and it really helped to have eachothers perpectives. By the 4th week we could see results with our son and we almost had a sense of relief. By the end of the classes we felt really optimistic about what we had learned and even excited about parenting in general. There had been a few times that we ran into a situation that we either didn't know how to handle or couldn't agree on what to do but Liann was awesome in helping us figure it out. SInce then, we have continued working with Liann once a week for about the past 10 weeks or so. She has graciously extended her coaching skills to us both in our home and at Encompass. I can not express enough how much this has changed our lives. My husband and I have become united together not only in our parenting but on a much deeper respectful level as well. We have learned to encourage eachother instead of criticize and that in itself is priceless. But even better is that our son, who was at one time so incredibly hard to govern, is now willingly doing as we ask(most of the time-he's still a strong willed 2 year old), and we share a bond with him now that we never knew was possible. When I reflect on our journey I have a range of emotion wash over me. We have so much gratitude for the Lord sending Liann to help us. We feel that she is a gift and that she has true compassion for families in need of guidance. My husband and I will never be able to repay her for what she's done for our family. Thank you Liann!
    December 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTerrance and Kari Kuhn