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    We found Liann through a referral from a friend. From the time our daughter was 2 (she is 9 now), my husband and I have often been at a loss on how to respond to some of the behavioral issues that have come up over the years. The parenting styles that came "naturally" to us just did not seem to work with her. As she has grown up, the issues have changed but the feeling of not knowing what to do in response had not. Our daugther was becoming more disrespectful and at times, out of control, as the years went on. After we met Liann and had our first session, we started seeing changes immediately. My husband and I finally felt like we had a game-plan and had a sense of control returned to us. The changes we made were quite simple but had profound effects on how our daughter responded to us. One of my favorite things about Love & Logic is that it is implemented with a loving tone of voice and calm demenor while sending a strong message of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. There is never a raised voice. It is all done with a smile and a lot of empathy. This approach was just what our daughter needed. While we still have challenges with her, we have the tools to handle it. That feels really good. Liann was a real life-changer for us and our family and for that we will always be thankful we found her. Thanks Liann!!
    December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLisa