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    Share Your Impact Parenting Story > God sent us one of His angels

    I've said it over and over but I firmly believe, Liann Smith, is one of God's angels here on Earth. We adopted our son a little over 2 years ago when he was three years old but he's lived in our home since he was one. Fast forward to October 2011, by faith, we moved to Seattle and left all of our friends and family on the East Coast. Our son's behavior has increasingly become more difficult to handle so it was a local speech therapist who recommended Liann (although she'd never met Liann personally). We were beyond excited and hopeful that Liann might just be the coach and support we were desperately longing for.

    Instantly, we had an amazing connection with Liann when we started going weekly to learn the PRIDE skills and love & logic tools of parenting. She graciously and patiently worked with us and taught us so many invaluable skills. It wasn't long before we started seeing our son become more at peace and attached.

    Our son & daughter have both benefited from our time with Liann even though our daughter never had any individual counseling with her. Two of their favorite things that we've incorporated into our family are family style meals (vs. me serving up the meal at the stove) where THEY get to choose what to put on their plate. To our surprise, both of them now eat red peppers and always load up on the veggies!! They also love my random "candy in the sock" moments when I stuff tootsie rolls in my socks and act like I'm freaked out and need THEIR help getting them out!! It's an unexpected highlight they enjoy!

    Empowerment, empathy, PRIDE skills, energy drains, Love & Logic skills, choices, etc. help guide our parenting. It's so easy to revert back to the yelling, arguments and power struggles but we are so grateful for these tools we now have under our belt thanks to Liann.

    She is loving, supportive, accessible, gracious and extremely passionate about our kiddos. We are forever grateful!!!
    January 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBrooke & Chris